Family Law Attorney Pittsburgh

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Family Law Attorney Pittsburgh

For legal representation in family law in Pittsburgh, more people trust the services of Haller and Imbarlina P.C. Our clients like working with us because we're small enough that we can give them the close, personal attention their cases need and deserve. We like to operate as partners for our clients, and we work in a team effort to get the best results for the people we advocate for. While we are a smaller law firm, Haller and Imbarlina is also large enough that we have excellent support staff with paralegals and associates who can handle complex issues and appeals.

We understand that you need special attention in your family law case. After all, there's so much riding on the outcome! That's why Haller and Imbarlina go above and beyond to make themselves available to our clients. All phone calls are returned within 24 hours.

Let Us Make Your Case for You

At Haller and Imbarlina, our legal team has years and years of experience representing clients in family court in Pittsburgh. We've dealt with every kind of custody case that you can imagine and some that you probably couldn't imagine! Our job is to make sure that we spend as much time as required to present the best possible case for our client and present our client in the best possible light.

Sadly, to “get even” with the other parent in this case, many parents will use their children in a vindictive way. This can come in the form of a parent telling their children bad things about the other parent, keeping the children from the other parent, or violating an existing court order. Still, there are other times when both parents wind up hurting their children by fighting in front of them. Even if one parent tries to be peaceful, the other parent can't seem to help themselves or control their anger. Just think; if a custody battle can flip an adult's world upside down in an instant, imagine what it can do to a child's mind!

Family Law in Pittsburgh Should Not be Taken Lightly

You should always have a family court lawyer right out of the gate because once custody and parenting time are established, they're not always easy to change! At Haller and Imbarlina, we regularly deal with clients who have represented themselves in family court cases, not understanding the nuances of family law attorneys in Pittsburgh or the ramifications of the agreements. Representing yourself may hurt your case down the road.

We're often looking at court orders that will last the next 15 – 18 years. These results will affect your life and your child's life for a very long time to come. When it comes to determining visitation and child custody, the court looks at the best interests of the child. These factors can include which parent has been the primary caregiver, domestic abuse, mental health concerns, the preferences of the parent, and the preferences of the child if the child is old enough.

Get the Help You Need

If you are going through a divorce action, a paternity action, a child custody battle, or a child support battle, give Haller and Imbarlina a call or send us a message online. We understand family law and Pittsburgh, and we can help you get a favorable ruling.

Family Law Attorney Pittsburgh

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Family Law Attorney Pittsburgh

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