Want to know the feeling of getting approved for Social Security disability benefits? Read through our testimonials to hear past clients in Louisiana, East Texas, and Southwest Arkansas describe how we were able to help them provide for their families.
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  • Words can not explain the professionalism and compassion Mr. Hendry displayed on my case. I would recommend him one thousand times over. He went above and beyond any expectations I had for him.
  • Mr. Phillip Hendry was much help. I recommend him highly. He always called me back if I didn’t catch him, any questions I had he was there for me. When you’re disabled, can’t work, I didn’t think twice. Now I have my SSDI. My family and I thank him so much.
  • I highly recommend Mr. Phillip Hendry to anyone needing legal representation! When my husband first applied for social security disability, we made the mistake of not hiring an attorney upfront. My advice to anyone applying for disability, spare yourself a lot of stress and hire an attorney FIRST; take it from me, you will need one. After initially applying for benefits, we stumbled through a year and a half of rejections and run-around. We hired Mr. Hendry on April 26, 2018, and was approved less than 3 months later! He is very compassionate, hard-working, and knows how to get the job done! Thank you Mr. Hendry!