Louisiana’s Workers’ Compensation Act says that if you are injured at work, you do not have to prove that your employer was negligent to get workers’ compensation benefits. Your employer is obligated to pay you lost wage and medical benefits. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not!

What Are Some Common Problems With Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Injured workers who contact our office find themselves in many different situations. Some think everything is fine and they are receiving all the benefits they are entitled to or their claim is being delayed or denied. Some are getting their workers' compensation benefits, but are being underpaid or paid late.

Your company or employer must carry workers’ compensation insurance to provide financial compensation for any injuries suffered at work. While an injured worker wants to get better to get back to the life they had before the injury, employers and their workers’ compensation insurance companies want to pay as little as possible—and they have experienced claims adjusters and attorneys working for them to do just that.

For example, claims adjusters may appear helpful and sympathetic, but you must remember they are not looking out for you or your best interests. They are employed by and will do what is best for the insurance company and your employer!

Unfortunately, most injured workers typically have no one working for them. Family and friends may provide emotional or moral support, but they likely are unable to provide sound legal advice. To make matters worse, workers’ compensation laws are a complex mix of legal and medical terms that are overwhelming and frustrating to most injured workers.

How Can a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help?

You need to understand your rights and how the process works so you will be able to notice when there is a problem or when your situation requires the services of an attorney. You may not need an attorney at the moment, but you need to know when to hire and whom to hire!

Whether your claim appears to going well, your claim is being delayed or denied or you suspect your payments are low or not paid on time, Phillip M. Hendry Law offers a free consultation to review your current circumstances. Attorney Phillip Hendry has been practicing law for approximately 30 years and has extensive experience as a workers’ compensation defense attorney and a former workers’ compensation judge. 

Types of Injuries That Qualify for Workers’ Compensation

A qualifying injury can occur as one specific incident, but some can occur over time due to repetitive movements, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Compensation for your injuries may include lost wage benefits, medical treatment, physical therapy, and medication costs. Each situation is different, but your attorney can help you decide the best plan of action to protect your rights to workers’ compensation benefits for your injury.

Phillip M. Hendry Law has the experience to help you with the complex legal issues that arise in workers’ compensation cases and assist you with protecting your legal rights to workers’ compensation benefits for your work-related injuries. Schedule an appointment with Phillip Hendry today.

Choose an Experienced Attorney

Workers’ compensation cases can be complex and challenging to understand, so an experienced attorney is essential. Phillip Hendry’s experience as legal counsel for the largest Louisiana workers’ compensation insurer and as a workers’ compensation judge gives him a tremendous insight to handle your workers’ compensation claim and assist you in obtaining your rightful benefits.

Phillip M. Hendry Law fights for rightful workers' compensation benefits for people throughout North and Central Louisiana. Complete our online contact form or give us a call today at (318) 553-5900 so we can discuss the details of your case at no cost to you.