Our clients were once as scared and frustrated as you are, but we were able to help them get the benefits they deserved. Read through our testimonials to hear past clients describe the problems they were facing, their fears for the future, and the quality of service they received in our office.
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  • Mr. Hendry was wonderful from the start. I went to see him on a consult regarding a workmen’s comp claim. He and his office staff always made me feel so comfortable. He did a lot of hard work for me, and I appreciate that. He has the best “bedside manner.” He was very professional but also made me feel at ease. He was very timely. He was so patient, kind, and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone. God sent me to him, I know that. He is indeed a blessing!
  • Mr. Phillip Hendry is highly recommended. He made the process easy and kept me well informed from the beginning to the end. Great attorney, thank you for doing a wonderful job.
  • Mr. Hendry and his team were nothing but super professional, very explanatory I was not left out of the loop on anything, and they care about you as a person and a client!!! If you’re looking for help where you actually can call, or go and speak to a real person, and get answers, this is the place to be!!!
  • Mr. Hendry took on my disability hearing which was a very difficult situation as all odds were against me due to my age and my illnesses not being physically visible. It was a very stressful and long road but with his help, he gave me security throughout the process and helped calm my nerves and assured me I had medical evidence to support my case and not to worry. Well he was right, as I found out today we won my case even with all the odds stacked against me. He knows the law, he is very professional and makes a person secure in knowing his 3o years of experience helps calm doubts in someone like me. He is a honest person and states facts and does not play the guessing game like some attorneys do. He came highly recommended to me when my disabilities prevented me from working and I am so pleased went with Mr. Hendry and I highly recommend him to anyone out there needing disability or any type of legal injury assistance. He helped me win a very difficult disability case on my first try. No long appeals had to happen. My life now feels like a huge burden has been relieved off of me thanks to Mr. Hendry.
  • We highly recommend Mr. Hendry, Attorney. Mr. Hendry has a vast understanding of the law. He uses this knowledge to help his clients navigate the inquiries of all the rules and regulations. He is compassionate and can quickly grasp the problems and their solutions. Very good attorney, you’ll be in good hands.
  • I highly recommend Mr. Phillip Hendry to anyone needing legal representation. I started my social security disability case on my own and once I appealed it, the stress got to be overwhelming. Hiring Mr. Hendry was the best decision I made to help me with my case. He puts you at ease and prepares you for what to expect when you appear at your hearing. He knows how to get the job done as I got approved. I truly appreciate all that he did for me.
  • Mr. Hendry did a great job with my case, very friendly people, easy to talk to, very understanding. I am well pleased with his work and will definitely call on him again if the need arises. I would highly recommend him.