State and federal disability programs were created so workers could access benefits quickly after an injury or disabling medical condition. Unfortunately, not all employers and insurance companies play by the rules. If your Social Security disability or workers' compensation claim has been denied, you may be considering quitting your job or giving up your benefits without filing an appeal.

We know how frustrating these claims can be, and we want you to know that there's help available.

Attorney Phillip M. Hendry formerly served as a workers' compensation judge and as legal counsel for Louisiana's largest workers' compensation insurer. Today, he uses his insight into the system to help injured and disabled employees obtain workers' compensation and Social Security disability benefits.

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Millions of people apply for Social Security disability every year, but those who use a representative such as an attorney are more likely to be awarded benefits. Request an appointment today, or please call (318) 553-5900 if you have any questions!

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