Electronic Data Capture System

With the rising value of using Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems in organizations, it's no surprise that the EDC system is growing. Whether you're replacing an old EDC system or implementing a new one for the first time, you might be wondering how to choose the right EDC system for your business.

How do you choose the right EDC system? At Scanoptics, we are immersed in the EDC system. In this post, we'll share tips for choosing the right EDC system.

  1. Ease of Administration

You need to consider the ease of administering if you want to have total control over administering your EDC system. Your ability to administer your EDC system when needed will stop you from having to go to your EDC provider for any service and paying for basic administrative services fee that you should complete yourself. Any data manager should be able to administer your chosen EDC system from start-up through completion.

  1. End-User Usability

Your chosen electronic data capture system must be up-to-date with the latest technology. The interface must feature automatic workflows and should be intuitive for users. The EDC systems should support all types of web browsers and devices and not restrict a user to a specific browser. 

  1. Flexible Hosting Options

Most electronic data capture providers try to force clients into long-term contracts by only offering SaaS or Cloud hosting models. If you have data center infrastructure and IT expertise, your chosen EDC system should be flexible enough to allow on-premise hosting as well Cloud-hosted or SaaS solutions. 

  1. Access to Data

Having easy access to your data is vital. The chosen EDC system should provide real-time data in multiple formats. You should be able to connect online and recover your data any time you need it. Don't choose a company that you will have to wait for days or even weeks to get your data when you requested for them.

  1. Simple Design

Today's electronic data capture system allows you to be in control. You should be able to create, edit, check and define your data through an intuitive interface. All of these should be possible without the need to hire advanced IT professionals. Customer support is also another vital thing to keep in mind.

Why Our Electronic Data Capture System Is Best 

People choose Scanoptics over other companies for the EDC system because of our experience and easy-to-use system. Our tailored system makes data capture easier than ever imagined. When you work with Scanoptics, we can provide the following services:

  • Real-time reports
  • Project management
  • Analysis & reporting
  • Data management
  • Electronic data capture

Contact Scanoptics For The Best Electronic Data Capture System

Implementing a well-designed EDC system can have enormous financial and productivity benefits for your business. As EDC providers, we use the best practices to meet your EDC system requirements.

If you'd like to learn more about choosing the right EDC system or why we are the best provider? Contact us today (800) 543-8681 for the most intelligent data capture system.



Electronic Data Capture System

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