Dui Defense Lawyer

Dui Defense Lawyer

DUI is one of the most common criminal charges in Canada. But as common as it is, a guilty verdict can have major ramifications that linger for several years. The short-term consequences include fines, community service, compulsory enrollment in driver education programs, high insurance premiums, temporary suspension of drivers’ license, and jail time. However, as serious as these seem, they pale compared to the devastating effects of the long-term consequences of a DUI conviction.

Even after fulfilling the necessary legal obligations, you may struggle with permanent driver’s license revocation, difficulty securing employment due to a permanent criminal record, automatic disqualification from scholarship programs and grants, and deportation if you are an immigrant. Because of these potentially devastating consequences, it’s vital to hire a competent criminal defense attorney that can fiercely represent your interest. With a proud track record of consistently securing the best possible outcomes, Alvin Ross is one of such lawyers, and he’s always on hand to take up your DUI case.

Meet the top Canda DUI Defense Lawyer

Alvin Ross boasts more than a decade of criminal defense experience, focusing almost exclusively on defending drinking/impaired driving and Refuse Breath Sample charges in Toronto and its environs. His proven track record of success makes him a favorite of many drivers facing a DUI charge, and he’s well respected by all and sundry.

More than anyone, Alvin understands both the short- and long-term consequences of a DUI conviction. Thus, he leaves no stone unturned in ensuring his clients secure the not-guilty verdict or, at worst, get away with mild fines and no permanent criminal records. He’s aware of all the possible means of beating a DUI charge and would not hesitate to bring forth the counterargument that best applies to your case.

Importantly, he understands most of the fears you’ll have about appearing in court because he has worked with hundreds of people in your shoes. You can trust Arvin to carefully listen to your side of the story and provide practical advice to help you navigate the journey ahead. He will also work tirelessly to help you secure the best possible outcome.

Why you should work with our criminal defense law firm

Admittedly, there are many DUI arrest lawyers out there, and a lot of them would do a fantastic job. However, we strongly believe our firm stands heads and shoulders above others. Below are a few reasons why we should be the first name on your mind if you wish to hire an attorney:

  • The managing partner is your personal lawyer, and you’ll have direct contact with him.
  • We’ll always keep you in the loop by updating you about every step of the case.
  • Our lawyer will carefully listen to you as you explain your side of the story. Having the full details is key to preparing a good defense!

Do you need the services of a top DUI lawyer in Toronto and its environs? Contact Arvin Ross Barrister & Solicitor for a free consultation for your DUI case. Call 416-960-0781.

Dui Defense Lawyer

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Dui Defense Lawyer

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