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Cole Paschall Law is a leading law firm with the best defense lawyers and a successful track record. Casey Cole is the best DWI attorney in Fort Worth with over 25 years of experience and has helped several clients expunge their charges or receive reduced sentencing and penalities via his exceptional negotiation and trial skills. Here’s why our clients say they have the best DWI attorneys in Fort Worth:

  • Extensive training and DUI experience 

We do not just have a license to practice law but possess extensive experience in handling DUI cases. With our in-depth knowledge of the DUI laws, our clients stand a better chance at avoiding a DUI conviction. We have helped numerous clients receive a reduced sentence or having their charges dismissed entirely. Our Fort Worth DWI lawyers can help you break free from embarrassment, shame, and low self-esteem that may come with your case.

  • A good track record in court

Our drunk driving attorneys in Fort Worth, TX, have a reputation for winning DUI cases. They have tried thousands of trials and delivered successful outcomes to defendants. With a combined law experience of over 50 years, our top-rated criminal defense lawyers in Fort Worth, Shawn, and Casey have helped hundreds of clients reduce or dismiss their charges with their exceptional negotiation, communication, and trial skills.

  • Connections to the Local Legal Community

The Texas legal community has a very distinct structure, and our attorneys know the prosecutors and the presiding judges quite well. Casey and Shawn have excellent connections in the prosecution office, allowing them to negotiate the best plea deals for our clients. Ranked as the best DUI attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas, Casey and Shawn know how to get things done in the local courts in Texas and who to call for important information.

  • A spotless ethical record

With so many DWI attorneys in Ft. Worth, we are one of the few credible lawyers with a spotless ethical record. We do not have a malpractice history as we treat and handle every case with the utmost diligence, confidentiality, and integrity. Our prospective clients can access our disciplinary records by simply visiting the State Bar website and verify our lawyers’ credibility and standing.

  • Aggressiveness

Our attorneys’ aggressive approach has always proved advantageous to our clients. Casey Cole and Shawn Paschall use their aggressiveness at the right time and place to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

  • Approachability

We understand that our clients are counting on us, and we make it a priority to be available for them at all times of day and night. Our attorneys are easily approachable and communicate with our clients on a level that they find relatable. This is key for building a strong expert-client relationship that will heavily influence your court-related journey.

Schedule your free consultation with the best DWI Attorney in Fort Worth by reaching us at 817-477-4100. Cole Paschall Law is a highly sought-after criminal law firm with experienced attorneys and hundreds of positive reviews. 

Best DWI Attorney Fort Worth

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Best DWI Attorney Fort Worth

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