You are not required to hire an attorney to settle your workers’ compensation case.  However, I strongly advise you to at least consult with one before settling your case.  Some of the important issues to address when considering what is a fair settlement are as follows:

  1. An accurate workers’ compensation rate
  2. Permanent physical or mental restrictions as a result of your injury
  3. The physical and mental demands of your job of injury
  4. Vocational rehabilitation efforts
  5. Cost of lifetime future medical treatment
  6. Do you have Medicare or will you within 30 months of settlement?
  7. Have you applied for or receiving Social Security Disability?
  8. How will a workers' compensation settlment affect the Social Security Disability benefits you receive?
  9. Is a Medicare Set Aside necessary? 
  10. What are the consequences of not having a Medicare Set Aside, when one is required?

I offer a free consultation to review these factors and others to discuss the role they play in a Louisiana workers’ compensation settlement.  Call my office today to schedule your consultation.